Salvation Army Housing Association (Saha)

We are a registered provider and an exempt charity that started developing housing and services in 1959. We are a wholly controlled subsidiary of The Salvation Army, and have grown into a specialist provider of support and accommodation across England. Kingsown Property Limited and Saha Developments Limited are subsidiaries of Saha.

We currently own approximately 4100 units of accommodation located across England and work across 86 Local Authority areas. Saha both directly manages its accommodation and also works with managing agents, a demonstration of Saha’s commitment to partnership working for the benefit of local communities.

Saha’s business activities are spread the following housing types:

Within our Directly Managed supported housing we provide accommodation and support in foyers and Directly Managed properties plus further projects for young people, young parents and children, those with mental health needs and generic floating support services.

Within our Agency Managed supported housing, we work with a variety of partners including but not limited to: The Salvation Army, Adullum Homes, St Mungo’s Broadway and Look Ahead to provide accommodation and support to homeless people and families, people recovering from drugs/alcohol issues, elderly requiring care, families fleeing domestic violence, ex-offenders and people with learning disabilities.

Within our General Needs housing we provide good quality social rented accommodation across the country. Often our stock has developed around our supported housing services providing accessible move on opportunities. We also operate a number of floating support contracts providing housing related support to encourage residents to sustain independent living.

Within our Older Persons Services we provide a range of schemes specifically for those people over the age of 55, including a scheme manager providing on-site support. In accommodation where there are no staff on site, there will be an alarm call system and other types of floating or community support available.

Within our Student Accommodation we provide accommodation for 141 students in partnership with the Imperial College, London.

saha’s accommodation and support services are complemented by a full range of internal services including Finance, Human Resources, IT, Asset Management and Business and Quality Assurance. The association has an established network of offices across the country and a comprehensive staffing and effective Governance structure.


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saha provide quality accommodation and services across England. We hold waiting lists for our properties and others are let via the Local Authority.

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