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Quality assurance is integral to the work of the association and we deliver it in numerous ways including:

AccreditationsWe actively undertake externally validated accreditations as part of our approach to quality assurance.  Quality assurance accreditations achieved include:

  • Foyer Federation Accreditation,
  • Customer Service Excellence Accreditation (Customer Services Centre)
  • Investors in People

Customer Service Excellence Accreditation

Saha are pleased to announce that once again our Customer Service Centre has successfully achieved the Customer Service Excellence Accreditation.

The Customer Service Excellence standard is an assessment that tests those areas that national research has indicated are a priority for customers. These include things like:

  • Delivery
  • Timeliness
  • Information
  • Professionalism
  • Staff attitude

There is also emphasis placed on developing customer insight, making sure that we can understand our residents and that we have a robust way of recording their satisfaction with our service.

We are extremely pleased to report that in assessing against the above, the assessor found the Saha Customer Service Centre is again fully compliant in all 57 elements of the accreditation.

Additionally, for our new customer ownership project, we also received two Compliance Plus ratings.  Compliance Plus ratings are only awarded for initiatives which an organisation is taking as an innovative or unique approach to an element of the accreditation.

T4R resident panel members, external partners and staff from all departments of Saha assisted this achievement and took time out to provide feedback either in writing, by phone and in person to the Assessors.

Foyer Federation

The Foyer Federation STATUS Mark is an award that assesses foyers across three different qualities; Focus, Approach and Relationship. These look at the developmental needs of young people, the availability of integration skills and opportunities, and also the engagement between the service provided and the residents. The final awards are based on a traffic-light colouring system.

We are pleased to report that all our Foyers have been assessed as Green / Strong on all of the three qualities.

Investors in People

The Investors in People (IIP) Standard is a UK quality standard introduced in 1991. Currently about 31% of the workforce are employed either by organisations that are recognised as Investors in People employers or organisations working towards achieving recognition status. The Standard’s main objective is to improve organisational performance through the management and development of people.  Saha have been awarded a silver certificate in by the Investors in People.

Disability Confident

The Disability Confident scheme is awarded to employers who have made commitments to employ, retain and develop disabled people and those with health conditions.

Quality Assessment Framework (QAF). We recognise the importance of the QAF in quality assurance activities of supported housing and actively use it on a regular basis in our service development. We welcome QAF inspections by Supporting People teams and use the subsequent reports to inform quality assurance across our wider activities with shared learning and actions.

Co-Regulation – As a registered provider of social housing Saha is required to carry out regular self assessments of compliance with the regulatory framework and local offers to service users in partnership with services users.  As we wish to treat all equally we apply co-regulation to our support activities in addition to our housing activities. Co regulation includes ‘local offers’ agreed with service users that service users are then empowered to measure our performance against, thus driving quality assurance. We have specific local offers developed for the housing related support aspects of our work. We are continually developing this method of quality assurance and this was a key theme of our recent annual customer conference.

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