Our Strategic Priorities

Investing in our people

We want our residents and others to have a positive customer experience when they interact with us. This is when value is truly created and in our organisation this lies in the interface between our people and our residents. We are judged by the performance of our people and our successes are wholly attributable to our people and directly dependent on their skills and abilities. Our strategic priorities, therefore, start first with our people and by putting our people first we can then give our residents the best value.

Our vision is to be an agile community of people working collaboratively in self defining teams that show industry, initiative and innovation. Decisions are peer based and we support, coach and develop people’s talents so they realise their full potential and contribute effectively to achieving business success.

Investing in our residents

Our vision is to develop a range of customer centric services that are delivered right first time and tailored programmes that are delivered in a joined up manner with our partners and seamless from our resident’s point of view.

Our model of community support and service options will aim to meet the whole needs of individuals who come to us so that they can achieve their potential, break the cycle of homelessness, where relevant, and be engaged ‘e’ citizens within their communities.

We will invest in our residents talents and abilities so that they can realise opportunities which include involvement in the management of our business. Allocating our resources and directing our efforts based on our residents priorities will help us to get the best value from all that we do.

All our residents will at the very least be satisfied with our services and the majority will be very satisfied.

Investing in our residents homes

Our vision is to provide modern environmentally friendly housing that meets the current and future needs of our residents at a cost which both they and our business can afford and maximises the value of every pound spent.

We will create better value by improving the quality of our assets and services, building on the Decent Homes Standard, and investing in those assets that have a long-term future so they underpin the financial viability of our organisation.

Where our homes do not meet the needs of our residents, or where it would not be the most efficient use of resources to continue to invest we will look at all options to get the best value, including disposal.

All our residents will at the very least be satisfied with our maintenance services and the quality of their homes and the majority will be very satisfied.

Investing in our business

Growth: Our vision is to diversify and increase our size and income. We will increase the proportion of our rental stock, through development or acquisition, which is not tied to local government funding. We will also invest in commercial opportunities that generate new income in a way that is compatible with our ethos, supportive of our mission and adds best value.

Partnerships: Our vision is to develop and maintain partnerships and alliances that collectively enable us to meet the whole needs of individuals seamlessly and in a way that adds value. We will also optimise intra group business with our parent, The Salvation Army, to our mutual benefit.

Technology: Our vision is to make best use of technology to support our business, including our residents, through the provision of robust, flexible and fit for purpose solutions that enable excellent customer relationship management and efficient information management.

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