Business Assurance

Business Assurance

The Business Assurance team works across the association delivering a wide range of activities to provide organisational assurance & compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in an evolving sector. The activities undertaken by the team include:

  • Co-ordinating the suite of organisational strategies, policies and procedures
  • Collating and verifying the organisation’s internal and external performance monitoring (KPIs) including benchmarking
  • Regulatory returns and regulatory compliance.
  • Undertaking special projects and driving new initiatives
  • Risk management
  • Undertaking Affordable Rent Assessments
  • Ensuring internal audit processes are in place and reviewed
  • Managing GDPR compliance
  • Ensuring Business Continuity Plans and Emergency Response Plans are in place

In all aspects of saha’s operations, the Business Assurance team aims to be a resource for advice, guidance and best practice to colleagues. The Business Assurance team is currently led by The Head of Assurance.

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Enquiries to Head of Assurance via our Customer Service Centre, Tel: 0800 970 6363, Email: