Child sexual exploitation

Child sexual exploitation

What is CSE?

Child sexual exploitation(CSE) happens when a young person is encouraged–or forced–to take part in sexual activity. It might be in exchange for presents, money, alcohol or simply emotional attention.

People who commit child sexual exploitation often ‘groom’ their victims to gain their trust. Later, when the behaviour of the abuser starts to change, many children are too frightened to come forward, or don’t realise they are being abused. They may suffer in silence for years without anyone to talk to about what they’re going through. It happens to children from all backgrounds and communities, right across the UK, out of sight and behind closed doors. It happens to both boys and girls, online or offline. Child sexual exploitation is never the young person’s fault, even when they ‘agree’ to the sexual activity.

Types of Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

CSE can happen in person or online. An abuser will gain a child’s trust or control them through violence or blackmail before moving onto sexually abuse them. This can happen in a short time.

When a child is sexually exploited online they might be persuaded or forced to:

  • Send or post explicit images of themselves
  • film or stream sexual activities
  • have sexual conversations

Once an abuser has images, video or copies of conversations, they might use threats and blackmail to force young people to take part in activities, they may also share the images with others.

If you would like more advice or support relating to CSE please visit the NSPCC site.

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