Abbott Lodge Discovery College

Abbott Lodge Discovery College                       

Sessions, projects & events list 2016-2017             5 ways to wellbeing


For more information about the projects taking place please contact Abbott Lodge

 Salford Star  Photography – sign up for a free session exploring photography in the media. A local cameraman, from the Salford Star publication, will guide you through the imagery of investigative journalism. (Ask staff for dates / times of sessions)

4 of your 5 Ways to Wellbeing: connect/take notice/keep learning/give      



Tony Husband Cartoon Workshop – Award winning cartoonist, Tony Husband, provides an insight into creating your own cartoons in this creative session, teaching you how to be quick on the draw in sketching your own cartoons.(Ask about session dates & times – will be promoted in-house)

3 of your 5 Ways to Wellbeing: connect/take notice/keep learning

Also: ‘Those who spend at least two hours a week engaged in arts-related activities reported significantly better mental well being’… (BMC Public Health Davies et. al 2016)


tai chi Tai Chi Sessions – Monthly on a Friday from July at 3pm (Activity Room)- Free for residents and small charge for others

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