RK’s  Story

As a young child I struggled with my mental health, I self-harmed and spent time in different hospitals around the country. I was admitted to Roseberry Park in Middlesbrough when I was 20yrs, I was happier here as close to family. At the time the medication I was given wasn’t helping. I was being violent, self-harming daily and very unwell with my mental health. I had to be observed daily by staff for approx. 6months. During this time was placed on a Section 37/41 which meant I had to work with the Ministry Of Justice who can impose restrictions on me.

In 2010 I met my current partner, we began writing and phoning and I didn’t take the relationship serious at first. This relationship give me the strength to carry on. I then had my medication changed which I still receive today. I completed therapies around Drugs & Alcohol, DBT, CAT, CBT, Trauma work, Art therapy, attended Hearing Voices groups and Anger Management.

In 2012 I had a family bereavement and lost my brother which impacted on my mental health and I began to self-harm again, requiring one to one with ward staff. Once I started to get better I was given some escorted leave by the Ministry. I was meeting my partner and going for walks, parks and into town. I finally realised after 4 years of being in hospital that I wanted to get out and live a life with my partner. I was doing really well and given unescorted leave.

After 4 years in hospital my partner was discharged, 5 days later he proposed to me and I said yes. This give me the incentive to move on. After nearly 2 years of unescorted leave they found me a placement in the Courtyard Care Home. I had been interviewed whilst in hospital for Roseberry but it was suggested I have a period of stability in the Courtyard Care Home first. I completed a year of integration there, then moved in and was discharged from hospital after having a Tribunal.

This is where my life of freedom began. My goal was to eventually move in with my partner, who was now living in his own flat after living in supported accommodation for 3 years. I lived at the Courtyard for 2 years, only having one admission to hospital for 2 weeks. I went on holidays with the Courtyard to Butlin’s and Flamingoland.

After 2 years of living in the Courtyard I was assessed by Roseberry again. I attended the interview and had a look around the building and my flat. I was accepted and moved in August 2019. The staff and residents were lovely and I loved my flat. I had my own space and still had support from the staff at Roseberry. I was really happy at how far I had come and was really proud of myself. I got to know the residents and staff and everyone was so kind and caring. I attended groups available and I loved a good old coffee afternoon and catch up with staff and residents. I attended trips which including the local park, Whitby and Cinema etc.

My family and fiancé could visit, even my little nephew who loved it here, he loved the staff and talking to them. My goal was to eventually move in with my fiancé. After 10 months of living at Roseberry my dream came true. I was given permission to move in by health professionals. I had been staying with my fiancé due to underlying health conditions during the covid – 19 pandemic. We asked both our Health Teams if we could move in together as we had been getting on so well and the Teams said “yes”. I decided then to provide my notice to Roseberry and began to collect my belongings. I have now moved in officially with my fiancé locally to Roseberry.

I want to thank Roseberry and all the residents for everything you had done for me. I couldn’t have done it without saha. I had never lived on my own before I came to saha so it was a bit scary but I conquered it and I want to say A Big Thank-You.


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