Customer Survey 2022


Saha are pleased to announce that between 20 May and 30 June, 2022, that we will be conducting a customer survey via our partner, Acuity Research.

The Saha Board wants to know what residents think about our service. These results will provide a starting point for us as we move forward and transform our service. It is important to know and understand what residents think of our service so that we can learn from their feedback and target resources at the things that matter to them.

Acuity Research & Practice (Acuity) provides resident satisfaction surveys and benchmarking services, helping housing providers to improve services engage with their tenants through an understanding of satisfaction, performance and profiling data. They have been providing consultancy services to the social housing sector for over 23 years.

We are contacting almost one quarter of all our residents who live in general needs accommodation. That is just under 300 surveys. It is hoped that these phone surveys will be done at the end of May. These phone surveys should take 8-10 minutes. If a resident declines to take part Acuity will ask them if they would be willing to do an online or postal survey.

We have decided to survey all residents who live in Agency Managed, Directly Managed or Older Persons accommodation. They will each be sent a survey in the post. We are using postal surveys with residents in these accommodation types so that everyone can be included and to enable onsite colleagues the chance to encourage and support residents to complete the survey.

This is an important piece of work for Saha. We are grateful to all customers that take the time to speak with Acuity or to return their survey.  More information about the surveys can be found on the attached document (this is the word document I sent).

We expect to share results in July 2022. Watch this space for further updates.


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