ESCC Supporting People Personalisation Project funding


Newhaven Foyer has been successful in securing £20k funding from the ESCC Supporting People Personalisation Project.

The funding will enable the delivery of two exciting and innovative projects to our talented residents and the local community.  The projects are:

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The aim of Albion Goals is to provide sporting and personal development opportunities for residents from deprived backgrounds through football, and harness the influence of the Brighton and Hove Albion brand to motivate participants in a way that other institutions might struggle to.

Funding would enable young people to work with Albion in the Community to bring this award-winning project to Newhaven and base it at Newhaven Foyer as part of saha’s programme to personalise our service via opportunity. Open Talent is an initiative to build a thriving community focused on spotting, coaching and promoting young people’s talents.

As part of Open Talent, for the next year Newhaven Foyer residents want to develop Health and Wellbeing in a programme we can sustain and offer to others in the community. The Albion Goals programme has been selected by young people as perfect project to spearhead this initiative – a variety of health-focussed projects designed to inspire young people.


Studio Radio:  (Supporting & Teaching, Unique Dynamic, Innovative, Opportunities) 

Studio (Supporting and Teaching Unique, Dynamic, Innovative, Opportunities) Radio is a co-designed and co-produced project with the aim to solve an identified problem within the local area.

Young people at Newhaven Foyer have identified a lack services offering access to music equipment and outlets to express themselves through music. They have also identified a lack of local job opportunities and work experience.  Foyer residents have designed an innovative social enterprise that will provide them with enhanced employability skills and the ability to pass on their knowledge, skills and talents to other young people in the area. It also allows young people to show employers/ educators their full potential.

Young People have designed the following plan to meet these objectives:

  1. A music studio will be designed and built in Newhaven Foyer that will be accessible to all young people in the local area. The music studio will include a computer, recording equipment, and equipment to broadcast an internet radio station (Studio Radio).
  2. Young people will be taught how to set up the studio through on-going workshops,  learning invaluable skills that they can pass on to other young people
  3. Young people will then create ‘Studio Radio’, an internet radio station that will broadcast diverse podcasts showcasing their talents, spreading positive messages to listeners and building links within the community.

We will deliver workshops to teach young people how to use equipment plus DJ/ production/ broadcasting workshops, which will be attended by young people who will  become ‘coaches’ to other young people and lead workshops themselves.

  1. The studio can also be hired out to private services as a social enterprise, the income from this being reinvested into the project to buy new equipment.
  2. Young people will access one to one coaching support to help them to develop the enterprise or build their own careers within the music/ production business. .

Studio Radio is an innovative and unique project designed by young people to meet their needs. It has the potential to develop using other media such as film/ spoken word. It also identifies solutions by creating processes to achieve experience through a brand new route. It is a positive risk as Newhaven Foyer residents have not had the opportunity to partake in this type of project before although it has been continuously requested at meetings. It is also bringing something unique to both Newhaven Foyer and East Sussex. It allows residents to take full ownership and is both inspirational and aspirational. This idea has come from the residents themselves, who have identified that it is their dream to start this journey. It also allows for co-production with staff that will allow us to work alongside residents to create an exciting, innovative new venture. Finally it will create a model for a new project that can be replicated by other services.


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