Fire safety – Guidance on balconies


You may have noticed in the press that there was a serious fire in a block of flats Barking last month which damaged 47 flats.  The fire spread quickly on an elevation which contained wooden balconies. 

 The fire made landlords more aware of the fire risks  associated with balconies.  As a result of this, and interpreting government guidance which has recently been issued, please note Saha’s new fire safety requirements for balconies which will keep you and your neighbours safer from fire:

You must not use any barbecue equipment on your balcony

  • You must not store combustible material on your balcony
  • You should be aware of the dangers of smoking on your balcony and ensure your cigarette stubs are fully extinguished

 saha has instructed its Fire Risk Assessors to include a visual inspection of balconies in their survey and they will raise action for saha to clear any items they observe. Please help us to complete these actions, if they relate to your home. Failing to comply with these new requirements, following an instruction from saha to remove items, could put your tenancy/occupancy at risk.

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