Ignition Newhaven


Ignition Newhaven is on its way. This is a unique development programme for local young people, aiming to light the spark of aspiration and kick-start a move towards improved and thriving futures.

Ignition Newhaven will be run by the Salvation Army Housing Association’s Newhaven Foyer in partnership with innovative national charity Youth at Risk, and has been made possible thanks to funding from the Henry Smith Foundation. The programme will use Youth at Risk’s successful ‘Tough Love’ approach to support young people in the local community who are experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, with lives that are challenging and often lacking stability.

The journey will begin for 17-21 year old participants in March 2015. Whilst on their intensive development course, local young people will have the chance to work through past issues, realise their talents and work towards a future with a new positive vision that they are excited about. A key role in supporting these young people will be played by local volunteers who will coach them for nine months as they work towards goals and keep them on track with the positive changes they are making.

Recruitment has now begun for the local volunteers needed to coach and support young people throughout the programme. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the lives of local young people, give back to the community and be part of the solution. No previous experience is needed, just a passion for making a difference with young people in your community and time available to coach. All volunteers will be trained in Youth at Risk’s high-impact life coaching methodology, which many continue to make use of beyond their involvement in the programme.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to caring for people who are vulnerable in every community. Its Housing Association’s Newhaven Foyer works to ensure young people who have become homeless are empowered to move forward in their lives, receive opportunities to flourish and reach their aspirations and gain sustainable independence.

The Foyer’s staff took part in the Youth at Risk Professionals’ programme. Foyer manager, Anna Cooley-Greene, said: Youth at Risk Professionals training renewed our staff’s way of working with young people, ensuring we were able to focus on what our young people were saying, to respond, and as a result, best support them as they transformed their lives. We’re excited to offer the life-changing course to our young people and the community through Tough Love. However, we’re also looking forward to seeing how volunteers, who will train as life coaches, have an opportunity to transform a young person’s life, as well as their own.’

For more information about the programme or to volunteer as a coach, contact Sue Handley on 01763 241120

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