MB’s Story – #startsathome


Case Study Example- MB

 MB came to the Foyer just over a year ago. MB has experienced severe depression and anxiety for some time and found communication challenging. He managed this by daily cannabis usage. Staff have engaged MB using a range of methods but MB continued to find this challenging.


The opportunity for the 2016 Invicticus trip to South Africa was offered to all residents and MB applied. The team supported him to prepare for his interview and MB secured a place on this forthcoming experience. MB has attended his required meetings, and since joined the Prince’s Trust. He has maintained 100% attendance so far and won an award following his week’s residential project for taking a lead and giving everything a go! He now is no longer smoking cannabis and he regularly skateboards, ensuing daily physical activity and social interaction.


This is a huge development for MB who previously shied away from trying new experiences and interacting with others. MB has since supported new residents who have moved in and is now working on his move on plan with his keyworker. His skills and talents will shine during the fundraising work prior to Invictius and during the trip itself.

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