Planned maintenance for ‘Going Green’


To improve the thermal efficiency and help reduce residents’ energy bills, we will continue to improve, where possible, more expensive-to-run heating systems with ones that are more energy-efficient and therefore comparably cheaper to run.In consultation with our resident panel, we are looking to focus future years spend for planned maintenance on undertaking these types of works.

We have already replaced heating to one estate that previously had electric panel heaters and replaced it with an air source heat pump heating system that has helped residents make savings on their energy bills.

We have also replaced old and inefficient storage heaters, with new more efficient storage heaters to a number of properties. These new storage heaters are reported to be 25% more efficient than the old existing one’s and we are currently monitoring these properties with our residents to ensure that the claims made by the manufacturer are being met in order to see if this is a viable option for replacing old storage heaters to other properties.

To help deliver the 2014/15 energy efficiency programmed works, we were able to secure funding of over £40,000 which helped with installing air source heating pumps systems and internal wall insulation to two of our schemes in the South East.

The 2015/16 energy efficiency programmed works attracted funding of £120,000 to help install a new gas mains and gas central heating to one of our schemes in the North West.

This year’s works have attracted funding of £133,000 to again help with gas mains installs and gas central heating to two schemes in the North West and 9 properties in London. Works undertaken during the 2016/17 programme will see over 130 properties having had their existing heating systems upgraded with more energy efficient ones.

The energy efficiency works planned to take place in future years will be undertaken in regions in order to achieve better value for money. It must be noted that we will not be undertaking planned works to all properties in that particular region. Our focus will be on only those properties that have electric heating such as old style storage heaters or panel heaters.

The 2017/18 programme will cover the South East and North East, 2018/19 will be London and Midlands whilst 2019/20 will concentrate on the North West and South West.

Below are an outline of the properties we intend to carry out works to in 2017/18.

SE 17/18
Station Avenue
Beccles Court
75A & B The Brent
Boxted Avenue
Burstall Close
Cornes Close
Herbert Road
Bath Road
Mayhew Close
Mendlesham Close
Morton Court
Park Road
Rue Des Jeunes
33 Christchurch Road
St Giles Close
NE 17/18
Marton Road


The works for the following years are indicative and are dependent on future budgets and levels of funding being available.

London 18/19
Christchurch Court
Lancaster Road
St Ann`s Street
Victoria Court
Faith Court
Hope Court
Midlands 18/19
Tonnelier Road
Barrique Road
Magee Court
Olive Street
Woodbridge Court
SW 19/20
Sandringham Court
Clissold Court
Clouts Wood
Frank Warman Court
Orford Court
Westbourne Court
NW 19/20
Crossley Court
Kitty Wheeldon Gardens
Whitby Road


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