saha Launches the New Look!


Welcome to saha’s new look!

For 2014 we are excited to be implementing our new corporate branding and styling along with our all new website.

What is the meaning behind our new logo and branding?

These have been revised to reflect how saha has developed, where we are now and the journey that we are on as part of our resident led corporate plan:

Brand Story

Why is now the right time to change our corporate look?

saha has grown and evolved significantly since our branding was last reviewed. As new initiatives and services have been implemented and delivered we have commissioned various designers, printers and suppliers to undertake tasks for a number of years. by undertaking this review we should achieve greater consistency and efficiencies.


Branding Story 3

if you have any queries or comments regarding our new look, please contact the Business Support & Innovation Team on

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How to support saha

saha provide quality accommodation and services across England. We hold waiting lists for our properties and others are let via the Local Authority.

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