Starts at home – Case study 1


Move on- Independent living.

Many residents progress from the Foyer onto independent living either in shared housing or their own studio flat. These case studies demonstrate their progression Client A

When I lived at Newhaven Foyer I tried to kill myself on a weekly basis after years of sexual abuse. Life was not good: fighting on a daily basis to survive. I had little confidence but working with my amazing Key worker allowed me to work through painful emotions. They never gave up on me! I have since gone on to achieve multiple goals including travelling around Asia, finishing university receiving an award for my recognition and in the process of setting up a support group in my local community I am now an Assistant Manager in a residential rehabilitation treatment centre! We never know what the future holds for us, but I truly believe if it was not for the support of the staff at Newhaven Foyer my present circumstances could of been very different! I cannot stress enough how important Newhaven Foyer is for young people and the community as a whole. Being given that vital and necessary support and the opportunity to address stressful circumstances/ negative thoughts (in my case) has positively impacted my life and for that I am truly grateful! #startsathome

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