A’s Story #startsathome campaign


AA came to live at Doncaster Foyer in December 2014. He had mental health problems that had prevented him from carrying out day to day activities with his friends and family.

During his stay here he improved gradually with support and guidance from the Foyer staff team. Fishing was his passion. When he was sat on the bank of the lake he felt at peace and could cope with his illness. He would send many hours there day and night.

We asked him if he could help others learn this skill and he became a Peer Mentor and Talent Coach and set up Doncaster Foyer Fishing Club. He also introduced us to free licences from the Environment Agency that they issue to good causes. This saved money and gave other young people the opportunity to try a new sport with no cost or long term commitment.

AA went from strength to strength with his mental health and finally he built enough confidence and self esteem to work through his episodes and dip days to move forward. He now has his own accommodation and is living independently just a few doors down from his best friend who is physically impaired. They support each on with different issues they both have to face daily and have a healthy happy relationship accepting each others differences

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