The Loop – Resident Newsletter (March 2023)




STAR survey – Resident satisfaction

In summer last year we asked each of our residents to feedback and tell us exactly what they thought of the services that Saha offer to them, firstly we would like to thank each and every individual who took the time to complete the STAR survey to give your feedback.


In that survey you told us that overall you are 74% satisfied with the overall services that are offered to you. This is not where Saha want to be, we aim to have a satisfaction rate of 95%.In the coming months we will be creating action plans across our various teams that will look at the results and individual comments and implement changes where possible. We will also be running the survey again in Spring to get further feedback from you.


Our Customer insight team are working on localised results and these will be shared with you soon, along with the actions that will be coming out of the feedback that you provided.


Saha undertake this survey once a year to get your opinions on what is working and where things can be improved, but you can feedback at anytime via

Keeping you safe in your home

Keeping you safe and comfortable in your home is our top priority. From carrying out annual gas safety checks to providing tips on fire safety, we’re here to give you everyday practical help and advice. Below are just some of the very important safety works that we undertake each year to make sure your homes are safe.

The surveys that we undertake help to give us a snap shot of what our properties are like and any repairs that need to be done, this is why it is so important that our residents report any issues to us. You can do this by calling the Customer service centre on 0800 979 6363 or by reporting a repair via our website.

You can join our building safety group, made up of residents and Saha staff that reviews the Saha building safety information on a quarterly basis. Sign up via the website!

As we mentioned on the gas capping information above, with recent energy prices electric only heating may not be as cost effective as it once was.

We are working with the residents that have capped gas to explore other options.

Additionally for a limited time we have the Saha Support Fund which can offer a one offgrant to help residents who may be facing challenging financial times.

Residents can apply for up to a maximum of £250 to help with emergencies or unexpected costs.

To be eligible:

  • You have to be a current Saha resident
  • If you have outstanding tenancy/rent issues these may be taken into account
  • We ask that you be willing to discuss your financial circumstances with a member or staff.
  • The grant is maximum once a year.

You can apply for the grant by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0800 970 6363 or online here.

Damp and Mould

Damp and mould is a common problem and can be caused by a repair that needs to be done in your home or condensation.


At Saha we take damp and mould seriously and want to work with our residents to ensure that we make good any issues as quickly as possible.


What is Saha doing about damp and Mould?


Here at Saha our health and safety and compliance teams have developed a damp and mould policy which sets out how we are going to meet our landlord responsibilities and how we can make sure that damp and mould is managed properly, and that our residents are not exposed to any risk that could impact their health, safety, or wellbeing.


Our contact centre staff have received regular briefings from our Asset Management Team, alongside enhanced scripting, and written information to enable them tooffer advice and guidance to you when you get in touch with any concerns.


We have briefed our site staff to continually be on the lookout for signs of damp and mould when they are at a scheme or service and our contractors have regular toolbox talks with their operatives about damp and mould.


Our repairs teams have been reviewing our repairs data to help identify those properties that may need repair work to be carried out on them or homes where there could potentially be an issue with damp and mould.


We have set timescales for dealing with potential damp issues:

If we get a call about potential damp this is passed to our repair’s contractor. -Immediate


Our repairs contractor will attend the address to investigate and report back to Saha –

5 days


If an issue with damp or mould is found our repairs contractor will start to undertake works to fix the issue (if this is not identified as major works) -10 days



As your landlord we will:


· Ensure we provide and maintain dry, healthy homes for our tenants.

· Focus on working in partnership with tenants ensuring that a safe and healthy internal environment is provided;

· Undertake effective investigations and implement all reasonable remedial repair solutions and improvements to eradicate damp;

· Ensure that tenants have access to and/or are provided with advice and guidance on managing and controlling condensation and mould.

· Ensure that the fabric of Saha property is protected from deterioration and damage resulting from damp and condensation;

· Utilise external funding available to support the investment in our housing stock, improve the EPC ratings and reduce the heating costs for residents.


If you suspect that you may have an issue with damp or mould in your home, please call us on 0800 970 6363 or we will call you to discuss your concerns.

This month’s highlights

Residents in our services have been up to a huge range of activities across all of homes. Take a look below to see what they have been up to.

Morecambe Foyer celebrated February LGBTQ+ month with an array of amazing stories.

What does Easter mean to you?

We’re looking to put together a short piece on what Easter means to all of us here at Saha.


We’ll be using the videos that we get to create a video that we can share with our staff and our residents. If you would like to share what Easter means to you, you can let us know by clicking the link below.


All videos we receive may be used online and by submitting a video you agree that we can use the video in any marketing materials)

Let us know here!

Partnership Cup Football Tournament

Erik ten Hag and Terry Butcher join The Salvation Army in cheering on players at football tournament

Well-known names in football cheered on players at an annual football tournament run by The Salvation Army for people who are homeless including refugees.

Manchester United Manager Erik ten Hag and former football manager and England captain Terry Butcher attended the five-a-side Partnership Trophy tournament held at Goals in Manchester. The tournament brought together over 20 teams from Salvation Army services across the UK with players a part of Lifehouses (hostels), outreach programmes, and Salvation Army Housing Association (Saha) services, all of which provide support for people who are homeless.

Read all about it here


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