Doncaster Foyer

Doncaster Foyer

The Bridging the Gap Scheme for residents at Doncaster Foyer

The Salvation Army provides move in packs of bedding, towels, pots, pans, cutlery and crockery twice a year for 30 residents. Residents also benefit from Harvest Festival donations in food parcels and cook and eat sessions at the Foyer.


Residents have the option to attend a weekly Youth Club where transport and refreshments are provided by the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army hosted a Doncaster Foyer’s Got Talent event in the main church hall where 14 residents took part in live performances that were judged by local dignitaries. As a result of this event, residents were invited to on ‘Open Mic’ session at Barnbrough Church on Jubilee day in 2012. The money raised from this event was donated to the Foyer. Furthermore, one resident was invited to join the Choir. In December 2012, 16 residents attended a Christmas meal provided by The Salvation Army and were made to feel special during the festive season. Residents are regularly invited to church events, bonfire nights and Money Management sessions. The Salvation Army have supported residents at Saha football matches. New residents are encouraged to attend by existing residents and this promotes inclusion and integration within the local community.

Giving Back and Volunteering

Residents at Doncaster Foyer are involved in the gardening project and each year they send vegetables from the garden to the local church. This led to four residents doing some volunteering which improved their self-esteem and confidence.

Moving On

The Salvation Army provide white goods such as; washers, fridges and cookers for our residents when they move on to other accommodation. On some occasions The Salvation Army provided a van to assist with the move.

Resident’s comments on the Bridging The Gap scheme (The comments are in their own words):

‘The Talent show was a great big space to act in and the audience were really nice to us afterwards’

‘I think its good you can still go after you have left and don’t live in the Foyer’

‘I got a cooker from Martin for my new house and he also got it connected’

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