St. Helens

St. Helens

The project in St Helens covers Rothbury Court, Sheringham Close, Ramford Street and Hammond Street.

Florence Pennington ‘Flo’ is the Sergeant Major at the St Helens Salvation Army Centre and has maintained strong links with saha over the past few years. Flo’s background as an experienced counsellor for Relate and Bereavement counselling has sparked a keen interest at the resettlement scheme at Ramford and Hammond Street.

As a result of this Flo has worked alongside our Housing Support Worker Julie Livesley to ‘Bridge the Gap’ and to transform the lives of many, making the journey from street homelessness to Lifehouse and onto meaningful, fulfilling independence in their own homes.

Flo now has a formal volunteer agreement with us and the service was formally launched in July 2013. Flo will visit residents following a referral request to the St Helens Floating Support Team. The detail of conversations will remain strictly confidential. The main objective of the service is; to promote personal well-being and confidence in order to help people to live full and meaningful lives.

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