Homes At The Heart is a national campaign led by the National Housing Federation. The campaign focusses on asking the Government to create a consensus that social housing must be at the heart of our country’s recovery plan following the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.


Homelessness and temporary accommodation is fundamental to the work saha does, and as a Senior Management Team, Transforming Lives is part of our every day.

Our commitment to this initiative is showcased through a number of stories, highlighting where providing safe, secure and affordable housing really does enable our residents to thrive and build their lives in a way that sustains their health, wellbeing, education and economic success.

Here are the key points that the National Housing Federation wish to highlight in this week’s campaign:

Settled futures

  • Supporting those already homeless or at risk of homelessness (prevention)
  • The value of move-on accommodation for those in temporary accommodation (families, domestic abuse, young people, NRPF, gypsies/travellers)
  • Initiatives to help people find and keep jobs, and tenancy sustainment (young people)


Digital sign up’s held to enable new residents to live independently.


Moved on from saha supported services in planned way to greater independence.


People who have moved into our supported services in the last year

Braintree Foyer

Braintree Foyer

At Braintree Foyer we have received many donations of food since lockdown started and this has been a real help to our residents. To put this on a more organised footing we are setting up our own internal Foodbank with the aim that no foyer resident should ever go hungry or be without toiletries or sanitary products and that no donations go to waste.

We asked for volunteers to run the project and residents Charlie and John put themselves forward. On Wednesday we went to visit Maldon Foodbank to learn how it works. Today Charlie and John spent all day sorting and organizing donations ready to launch the Foodbank next week.


RW’s Story

I came to The Limes after making the decision to start a new life.

I had no family or friends and decided to keep my myself away from everyone, I didn’t want to get involved.

With support from staff I changed and began to manage things better, I started on focus on sorting my life out. I have had the best support ever that could have gotten from my support worker and all the staff.

I completed a Princes Trust course. I am working for an agency. I have a provisional driving licence and I am having driving lessons. I have now got a flat.

I have not been in trouble with the police and have not re-offended. I have cut down on smoking. I also learned a lot about looking after myself when I leave and I learned from different groups at the The Limes.

What does Transforming Lives mean to you? - It means that resident’s lives will be an open book of opportunities for them. They will be able to live their lives, knowing that saha is there for them, in every walks of their lives and in their homes.

- Quote from saha Rewards resident


Just look at the success from our growing our own vegetables, staff and residents at Roseberry have worked hard to nuture these to this stage… of the activities we continued during covid that actually benefited from the additional time people had to spend in the garden

Pond Ponderings in Exmouth.

St Andrews House has undertaken a rewilding project

Richard’s interest in the pond project has centred around the insect life, Richard  has been instrumental in researching habitats, plant life etc. to attract insect life, namely dragon flies along with joining in with the back breaking work.

Richard has been liaising with the dragon fly project, who’s advice has supported the direction in which the pond project took.

Further to his conversations with the dragon fly project he was asked to write a piece for the blog on the dragon fly website

The full blog can be read here.

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