Resident in Willesden

I have been in social housing since 2005 with St Mungos, Willesden Free Churches Housing Association and in 2010 I moved across to Saha. I am chairman of Harlesden Town Team. We have over 2000 members, and I sit on 2 boards, am a member of 3 forum groups and sit on 3 government committees. I also promote peer to peer support in Brent.

Why I got involved in the R2R Panel:

I got involved in the R2R Panel because I think that by looking at how Saha works, we can bring our life experience to the governance of Saha and actively improve the services for us, the residents, today and also for future residents. I enjoy every minute I spend with the team.

Scrutiny inspection:

We chose the areas we wanted to scrutinise in the fist year. Following the work we have done so far, I have been impressed with the response from Saha.


Resident in Willesden

Other SAHA Team Members

Nigel Hills CPFA

Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Finance

Nigel joined Saha in 1984 as a Finance Officer, when the Association owned just 10 hostel properties and one general needs scheme in Bournemouth. He became Director of Finance in 2004.

Nigel Parrington

Chief Executive

Nigel is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing. He has been involved in a variety of NHF and CIH working groups and as a board member of other housing associations. He is a Company Director of Kingsown. He was appointed to the Saha Board in September 2006.

Andrew Taylor

Board Member

Andrew Taylor is a proven leader with a broad experience in the social housing sector and an extensive finance background. He was formerly Chief Executive of Sutton Housing Trust. He was appointed to the Saha Board in 2010 and is Chair of the Audit Committee.