Mobo Quadri

Head of Human Resources

Mobo’s career started out in a job centre in Dagenham, Essex, as an Administrative Officer specialising in recruitment and then benefits advice. After 4 years of service a general dissatisfaction with the civil service culture and its particular way of doing things led to the next phase of her journey, to a private sector recruitment company that specialises in providing staff to the Social Housing sector. Here Mobo started as a Recruitment advisor dealing specifically with Supported housing clients and gradually worked up to Deputy Recruitment Manager. After 5 years, during which time Mobo gained a Master’s degree in HR Management (not counting finishing her law diploma), it was time to move on again, this time into a proper HR role.

She spent just over a year at Save the Children UK in a fully fledged HR position. This was a brilliant role and Mobo thoroughly enjoyed her time there, however with 2 young children she took the decision to move closer to home in Kent. Over the next few years Mobo worked for the NHS, a logistics company and two different consulting firms in senior HR roles.

Mobo is an active church member of her local church and Sundays will often find her singing in the choir or leading the worship session – no mean feat! Mobo is also actively involved in her local community as a lay magistrate, a role she has had for almost 10 years and which she thoroughly enjoys.

What Saha means to me:

“Saha is an organisation striving for excellence in everything it does and that’s really important to me. It’s an organisation that punches above its weight in so many areas and again that’s important to me. It’s not how big you are, but how relevant you are to the community and the people you serve.”

Mobo Quadri

Head of Human Resources

Other SAHA Team Members

Vina Mistry

Head of Housing Services - North of England

Vina Mistry is Head of Housing Services - North Region, with specific responsibility for General Needs Services, Older People's Services, and Supported Housing.

Peter Latham

Head of Business Support & Innovation

Based at Saha’s Bolton regional office, Peter’s national role encompasses a wide variety of business improvement and development activities.

Geanna Bray

Director of Housing Services

Geanna joined Saha in June 2007 as Director of Housing Services. She has overall responsibility for the Agency Managed and Independent Quality Inspectorate (IQI) team; General Needs and Older People's Services; Directly Managed Services; and the Customer Service Centre team.