Resident at Victoria Court, London

I was born in Lithuania in a town called Likmerge. I studied at theLithuania agricultural academy for 2 years and served in the Soviet Military forces.

I came to Britain in 1995 and was travelling around England. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I found myself homeless.

I was able to pull myself together with a little help and moved into my home in Spring 1996 and have been there ever since.

Why I got involved in the R2R Panel:

I wanted to get involved in the R2R Panel so that I could meet and hear from other residents about their views on Saha services and offer my point of view on how to improve services for all Saha residents.

Scrutiny inspection:

As part of the R2R Panel, Ihave been involved in 2 scrutiny activities and found both of them very interesting. During the first scheme visit to south London, I found out how Saha supports the elderly and people with disabilities. There was a friendly atmosphere and the scheme was very clean, with a nice community garden and communal areas for residents to enjoy.

I’m looking forward to the forthcoming scrutiny activities.


Resident at Victoria Court, London

Other SAHA Team Members

Vina Mistry

Head of Housing Services - North of England

Vina Mistry is Head of Housing Services - North Region, with specific responsibility for General Needs Services, Older People's Services, and Supported Housing.

Pat Cross

Head of Housing Services – South of England

Pat is responsible for overseeing the generic housing management and fund raising activities across a dispersed area. She specialises in General Needs, Sheltered, Rough Sleepers, Mothers and Babies and Foyer accommodation.

Zafar Raja

Head of Finance

Zafar joined Saha in 2010. Zafar is a qualified accountant and holds an MBA in Business Finance from the University of Lincoln.