Resident at Catherine Baird Court, Balham London

I moved into my sheltered housing scheme, in October 2007. I was still working then, but retired at the end of May 2009. Since then I have become interested in issues that relate to older people. I am Chair of the Residents’ Association, and Deputy Chair of Wandsworth Older People’s Forum.

Why I got involved in the R2R Panel:

I volunteered to take part in the Scrutiny Panel to look at the housing schemes across the South of the country. We had an induction session and it was good to meet up with members who would be looking at the schemes in the North.

Our first Inspection:

Was at Victoria Court. I found this very interesting as it is a very different scheme from the one I live in. We met tenants and got their views and with this information we compiled our individual reports that were combined with the north R2R panel and submitted to Board. We are learning as we are going along and have been given some training. I have enjoyed this and it’s good to see other schemes and meet the people living in them.


Resident at Catherine Baird Court, Balham London

Other SAHA Team Members

Vina Mistry

Head of Housing Services - North of England

Vina Mistry is Head of Housing Services - North Region, with specific responsibility for General Needs Services, Older People's Services, and Supported Housing.

Nigel Hills CPFA

Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Finance

Nigel joined Saha in 1984 as a Finance Officer, when the Association owned just 10 hostel properties and one general needs scheme in Bournemouth. He became Director of Finance in 2004.

Maggie Cameron-Ratchford

Board Member

Maggie worked for a local council in the east end of London for over 20 years, mainly managing housing services - homelessness, housing advice, management of council housing and managing large projects. She joined the Saha Board in 2011.