Reporting a repair

How Long Will the Repair Take to be completed?

As a social landlord saha has to ensure we provide value for money and are transparent in the services we offer. To help us do this saha as a housing associations priorities our repair service.

We do this on a three tier basis: –

Emergency repairs are faults or disrepair which causes an immediate risk to your safety, your security, your health or to your home. An emergency repair should be made safe within 24 hours. This may mean that we temporarily fix the immediate problem to reduce the risk and return at a later time to carry out a permanent repair.

Urgent repairs these are responsive repairs that need to be dealt with quickly but don’t present an immediate risk to property or people. An urgent repair should be attended to within 7 working days.

Routine repairs are those which cause minor inconvenience and have little effect on the property if a repair is not immediately undertaken. A routine repair will be done within 28 working days.

You can report a repair to saha here.

Repairs Included in Emergency Priority (24 Hour Target)

• Gas leaks MUST be reported to the Gas Emergency Services on freephone immediately on 0800 111 999.

• Board up for security including insecure windows where a repair will be completed within five days.

• Uncontrolled burst to water supply/loss of supply.

• Total loss of electrical supply (excluding supplier faults).

• Unsafe power, lighting, electrical fitting (where there is immediate danger).

• Loss of water supply (excluding supplier faults).

• Loss of gas supply (excluding supplier faults).

• Blocked flue to open fire or boiler.

• Total loss of space heating (31st October to 1st May all schemes and all year round for sheltered schemes).

• Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or toilet pan (where no other toilet in property) There may be subsequent recharge if a blocked WC pan is as a result of inappropriate use.

• Uncontrolled leak from water or heating pipe, tank or WC cistern.

• Uncontrolled leaking roof.

• Fire door closing incorrectly.

• Dangerous glazing in communal areas.

• Failed entrance door locking / security system (not lost keys).

Repairs Included in Urgent Priority (7 Day Target)

• Door entry phone not working.

• Extractor fan to internal kitchen or bathroom not working, with no other external form of ventilation

• Externally leaking overflows.

• Defective light fittings/sockets.

• Manhole covers (make safe in 24hrs/ complete in five days).

• Loss of space heating (30th April to 1st November – non sheltered).

• Loss of, or faults to, water heating.

• Tap which cannot be turned off

• Rotten timber flooring or handrail.

• Loose or detached banister or handrail.

Repairs Included in Non- Urgent Priority (28 Day Target)

• Brickwork/Pointing where associated with a damp or structural problem, otherwise this is included in longer

term planned maintenance.

• Cupboard/sink units where use has been restricted by condition.

• Internal doors/fittings.

• Minor plumbing leaks e.g. waste pipes/radiator valves.

• Fencing/gates maintaining security.

• Floor/wall tiling.

• Garages and Outbuildings.

• Guttering and blockages.

• Plasterwork.

• Window adjustment.

• Damp proofing repairs.

• Roof and flashing repairs where no associated leak.

• Paving/pathway repairs where ‘trips’ may be present.

We aim to ensure that all repairs are completed within the timescales they are given. These targets are very important to us and we monitor our performance against them. Each year we publish a report showing our

performance in this service area, we tell you how we are performing in our quarterly newsletter we send to you and we publicise the results on our website.

Major repair works, such as kitchen and bathroom replacements, will generally be incorporated in planned maintenance programmes. Residents will be informed of timescales and dates of such programmes, and will be consulted over choices of materials and colours.

Residents’ Responsibilities

There are some repairs that are your responsibility for which you will have to carry out and pay. If you

request saha to carry out these repairs on your behalf, you will have to pay saha the costs of completing the works.

These include:

• Clearing the waste to a blocked sink, bath, toilet or basin.

• Blocked drains – if you caused the blockage.

• Bleeding of radiators.

• Replacing lost or damaged keys.

• Replacing keys and locks to internal doors.

• Mortice locks (unless supplied by the Association).

• Mending fuses/replacing batteries for door bells etc.

• Broken window panes resulting from resident damage.

• Repair of any damage caused by you, your family or visitors.

• Repair of any fittings and fixtures that you provided yourself.

• Repairs to TV aerials (except communal TV aerials, which are saha’s responsibility).

• Eradication of certain types of vermin and insects, such as wasps – your local authority may perform certain services free of charge.

• Removal of garden rubbish.

• Hairline cracks to plaster.

• Plumbing to washing machines (unless supplied by the Association)

• Tap Washers.

• W.C. seats.

• Residents’ own improvements.

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