Resident inspectors

The Resident Inspector project is an initiative run by the Independent Quality Inspectorate (IQI). IQI is an independent inspection service that currently monitor and inspect over 150 services in a number of organisations across the UK and Ireland. IQI offer a health check of processes and help organisations maintain and expand their services, manage risks, improve performance and raise standards for clients.

The Resident Inspector project involves clients living in inspected services engaging with other clients to carry out peer consultation to support the formal IQI inspection process. Resident Inspectors are volunteers who assist IQI Inspectors with monitoring services inspected by the Department. Resident Inspectors work alongside IQI Inspectors to engage with clients living at inspected services in order to find out about the quality of services they receive.

In this short film, current Resident Inspectors Frank and Danilo share their experiences about being involved in the project and how it has benefited them.