R2R Overview

Resident scrutiny is a way for you to examine and challenge our performance, and make suggestions on how saha can make improvements to the services that we provide.

Members of the R2R (Resident to Resident) panel play an important role in bringing about positive change to your housing services through the scrutiny that they undertake.

We provide a range of training and support to the R2R panel to ensure our members can examine performance information and understand the way that saha role and obligations as a landlord.

Saha operates at arm’s length from the group, with members agreeing scrutiny topics, undertaking assessments and reporting their finding directly to the Board.

Meet The R2R Panel:

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For more information on how you can get involved please contact Louise Coulson or Alpita Patel on 0800 970 6363.


Please see below R2R scrutiny reports:


R2R Scrutiny Report – Estate Services

R2R Scrutiny Report – Complaints

R2R Scrutiny Report – Voids

R2R Scrutiny Report – Communications (Residents Meetings)


R2R Scrutiny Report – Rents and Service Charges

R2R Scrutiny Report – Repairs and Maintenance

R2R Scrutiny Report -KPI’s

R2R Scrutiny Report – Safeguarding


R2R Scrutiny Report – ASB


Who we're looking for

Some additional qualities that would be useful are:

  • The ability to be objective and identify both the good and the bad aspects of Saha homes and services, along with providing recommedations for improvements.
  • Great communications skills so that you can work with others in a team to achieve set goals
  • The ability to encourage fellow residents to be honest and open about the services being scrutinised
  • A willingness to talk about solutions, contribute ideas and influence the direction of the association.