23 March 2022: Saha Customer Offer


Today, we launch the Saha Customer Offer. This short document  sets out some key service standards that we expect of ourselves. These targets have been approved by our resident group T4R and our Board.


David Dashwood, Chairperson of T4R said “We are really pleased to see the launch of the Customer Offer. It demonstrates the commitment of Saha to deliver great services and as a member of T4R, I look forward to receiving regular updates on how well we are doing”.


We are committed to providing a great service and experience to our customers. We know we do not get it right all the time but we are keen to learn from our mistakes and our ambition is to be a excellent landlord and provider of services to you.


We want our service to be typified by characteristics such as:


Available – easy to reach us and we will endeavour to tailor our service specifically to you.

Friendly – we want to get the basics right and that we deliver on our promises.  You can expect us to be courteous, polite and approachable.

Local – we have homes across England. Sometimes you might live a distance from an office, but we still want you to feel when you speak to us that we know who you are and what your homes are like. We want to feel local to you.

Effective – it is important that we monitor how well we are performing. We want to be proactive in improving our service and achieve our targets.

This offer will be supported by KPI’s from across the business and will be monitored on a quarterly basis by a residents group. If you would like to be part of this group you can sign up here.

Saha Customer Offer sets out some key service standards that we expect of ourselves


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