Together with Tenants

Here at saha we are committed to strengthening the relationship we have with our residents. That’s why we’ve signed up to the National Housing Federation’s ‘Together with Tenants’ campaign.

We want you to have a better experience when dealing with us and in how you help us to shape our services. The Together with Tenants approach in conjunction with the ‘Commitment to you’ consultation that we recently undertook with residents will form the new saha offer to residents.

saha’s performance against the offer will be monitored by our residents group – If you would like to be part of this group please get in touch with the Customer Insight Team on 0800 970 6363.

Together with Tenants Charter

1. Relationships – treat residents with respect, openness, honesty and transparency

2. Communication – clear, accessible,

3. Voice and influence –Residents views will be sought and valued and used to inform decisions

4. Accountability – residents to independently scrutinize and hold RP to account

5. Quality – residents to expect homes to be good quality, safe and well maintained

6. When Things go wrong – accessible routes for raising issues, complaints and seeking redress. Timely advice and support when things go wrong.

Read the open letter to residents from the TAP

Read the open letter
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saha provide quality accommodation and services across England. We hold waiting lists for our properties and others are let via the Local Authority.

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