Transforming Lives yearbook - My intro poem

Transforming Lives yearbook – My intro poem

This poem has been written by one of our foyer residents about the start of his foyer journey.

My Intro!

Moving into the Foyer, a new fresh start

its time to make some changes, I know it in my heart

so much has happened and im only 23

so much so, I didn’t even know me!


No routine, each day rolls into one

In my first week, in the gym, they said I shone!

These people see something in me, what the heck is going on

Im looking at the future and not where I came from


Ready to step things up a bit, I started a new course!

Im really in the race now and feel like the winning horse!

Ive met some great new people, doing things I never thought I would do

Ive only been here a few weeks, it all came out the blue


I feel I have found a focus, a place to be settled and safe

Ive not had this for a while, a warm and cosy base

This is  the introduction to my story a new chapter I can write

Im hopeful and feel like it really will be bright.








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