We are committed to the highest standards of quality, probity, openness and accountability. We encourage a free and open culture in dealings between our officers, employees and all people with whom we engage in business and legal relations. saha is committed to act on any allegations of fraud, abuse or malpractice whether the allegation is made from outside or inside the organisation.

Our whistleblowing policy has been produced in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) (as updated), which protects employees and workers making disclosures about certain matters of concern (where those disclosures are made in accordance with the provisions of the Act) from dismissal or a detriment short of dismissal.

Employees should make a report to us where you reasonably believe any one or more of the following matters has, may have or will take place:

·          criminal offences (this may include, for example, types of financial impropriety such as fraud)

·         failure to comply with an obligation set out in law

·         miscarriages of justice

·         endangering of someone’s health and safety

·         damage to the environment

·         covering up wrongdoing in the above categories.

All concerns will be investigated carefully and thoroughly, and anonymity will be respected.

​​​​​​​Employees can make a whistleblowing report in the following ways:

Salvation Army Housing Association

Customer Service Centre
2nd Floor
53-55 Victoria Square

Via telephone with our Customer Service Centre

0800 970 6363

Alternatively you can email: Whistleblowing@saha.org.uk


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